Nansulate® Energy Protect™

Clear thermal insulation and mold prevention coating, insulates and reduces energy use in an easy to apply, environmentally friendly coating.

The product is designed to increase thermal resistance of walls, ceilings, factory windows, interior / exterior ductwork, and skylights of commercial buildings and facilities. It can be used over pre-painted walls, without changing the look and can also be painted over with another water-based paint. It is used over many types of building surfaces such as brick, drywall, finished walls, wood, stucco, concrete and more.

approximately 70% Hydro-NM-Oxide once fully cured

"Visit our thermal insulation products page to learn about our patented nanocomposite insulation made with Hydro-NM-Oxide, a product of nanotechnology, and documented as the highest quality insulation on the far. Nansulate®, when fully cured, contains approximately 70% Hydro-NM-Oxide and 30% acrylic resin and performance additive."

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