Nansulate® Crystal

Crystal is a thermal insulation coating that provides energy saving insulation, UV protection, mold and moisture resistance, it has also been tested to be resistant to the specific type of bacteria that causes the “black mold” streaks on roofs. Maintain the beauty of your roof simply.

Use over sloped roofs: Tile, Wood Shingles, Metal Roofs. FOR TILE ROOFS: Crystal can be used over “color through” tiles (have a matte, porous texture) but not slurry or glazed tiles (have a shiny surface). Can be used over flat roofs with good drainage.

unspecified (proprietary) use of nanotechnology (Hydro-NM-Oxide 1% to 10% by weight)

"The technology within Industrial Nanotech’s patented Nansulate® line of coatings utilizes a nanotechnology based material, which we call Hydro-NM-Oxide. This is not a ceramic microsphere, it is unique to our technology. This unique material has a very low thermal conductivity, which means it acts as an insulator, like other types of insulation, by reducing heat conduction (both radiant and conductive), to lower costs for heating and cooling in buildings and process heating and cooling costs in manufacturing. In addition to being a next generation insulation, the products also have a combination of other cost saving and protective benefits." (see How does in work in FAQ)

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