Aerogel Compression Pack

"The Compression Pack system is designed for operators who need ultra-high performance and want the flexibility to vary pack thickness and "dial-in" a required U-value. Variable thicknesses allow precise U-value targeting, delivering optimal thermal performance across the insulation layer. Enables fully independent movement of inner and outer pipes. Units consist of custom-sized packs of compressed aerogel pre-attached to a protective outer layer of high-density polyethylene."

well-suited for applications like pipe-in-pipe, where weld slag, scale, and other factors can pose significant challenges or create delays for systems using less durable products

nanoporous microstructure of the aerogel particle

"Cabot's aerogel provides extremely high thermal performance, particularly when compared to many traditional insulation options that rely on trapping still air. The unique nanoporous microstructure of the aerogel particle results in material thermal conductivity of only 11mW/mK — less than half that of still air, that will not degrade with time or temperature." (see Cabot Aerogel Energy & Industrial applications brochure under Related Information)

Cabot Corporation is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

available online (see product link)