Structural Composite Panels with Lumira® aerogel

One of the most significant advances in daylighting in more than 20 years, Structural Composite panels are lightweight and high strength, making them the perfect match for Lumira® insulation. Commercial and residential systems insulated with Lumira aerogel are cost-effective, providing 3x the thermal performance and the following additional benefits: Significant sound attenuation, Permanent thermal performance, Up to R20 insulation (0.28 Wm2/K) with 20% light transmission.

insulation of commercial and residential systems

nanoporous microstructure of the aerogel particle

"Cabot's aerogel provides extremely high thermal performance, particularly when compared to many traditional insulation options that rely on trapping still air. The unique nanoporous microstructure of the aerogel particle results in material thermal conductivity of only 11mW/mK - less than half that of still air, that will not degrade with time or temperature." (see Related Information #1)

Cabot Corporation is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

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