PURETi Clean™
Coatings - multi-surface

PURETi Clean™ transforms virtually any surface into a sustainable, self-cleaning material that proactively eliminates grime and foul material buildup, improves air quality, and eradicates organic malodors. Powered by the most advanced water-based UV-PCO (ultraviolet photocatalysis) technology available today, PURETi Clean uses the light, not chemicals to create sustainable, clean surfaces that benefit the environment in ways never-before seen.

PURETi is applied to manufactured building materials and fixtures in factories or to the interior or exterior of the built environment. In factories, PURETi is typically applied at the end of the production line via robotically controlled spray, coating or printing methods. In the built environment, PURETi is applied by trained and certified applicators using specialized spray equipment to deposit a super thin film that dries in seconds and cures in hours to form an invisible polymeric like ceramic film that is durably bonded to the treated surface.

nano Titanium Dioxide (0.1 - 2 Wt%)

Titanium dioxide (nano) listed on Safety Data Sheet

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