SOLERA ® is designed to deliver superior daylighted spaces and a range of thermal insulation. Our product lines are engineered to be highly configurable, allowing control of: light diffusion and transmittance, control of solar gain, thermal insulation, sound transmittance, aesthetics, safety.

SOLERA ® is designed to fit into Standard Framing Systems including Curtain wall, Standard 90° Corner and flush glazing systems, which makes it ideal for new construction and renovations.

nano-sized pores

"The inclusion of Lumira® aerogel in daylighting systems virtually eliminates the historical trade-off of insulation vs. natural light by providing 3 to 6 times the thermal performance." (see product link) "Cabot Nanogel [now called Lumira] aerogel is a hydrophobic aerogel produced as particles. Each particle consists largely of air (~95%) contained in nano-sized pores that severely inhibit heat transfer through the material." (see Related Infomation #1)

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