Wasco Skylights with Lumira™ Aerogel

Wasco skylights with Lumira™ aerogel are the highest performing daylighting product available on the market today. They are an excellent value and can substantially reduce energy costs and provide a great return on investment. Transform your daylighting applications into environmentally friendly sustainable, energy-efficient designs.

Available in Unit and Structural Skylights. Applications include Schools, Offices, Warehouse, Grocery Stores, Retail Environments, Big Box Stores & Malls.

nano-sized pores

"Lumira™ aerogel is a major breakthrough in insulating technology. By adapting nano technology to practical everyday solutions in fenestration products, Lumira™ aerogel is able to provide a tremendous thermal insulator that is also environmentally sound. " (see product link)

"Cabot Nanogel [now called Lumira] aerogel is a hydrophobic aerogel produced as particles. Each particle consists largely of air (~95%) contained in nano-sized pores that severely inhibit heat transfer through the material."

Eastern Manufacturing Facility:
85 Spencer Drive, Unit A
PO Box 559
Wells, ME 04090

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