USG Sheetrock® Brand UltraLight Panels Firecode 30® is a lightweight 5/8" alternative, ideal for non-rated, wood–and steel–framed single-layer partitions or where building codes require only 30-minute fire ratings. Formulated for comparable strength performance to Type X, the panel features an engineered core encased in proprietary 100% recycled face and back paper for a high-strength-to-weight ratio.

Building Environments: Multi-Family Residential/Condos, Single-Family Residential
Applied Use: Interior Walls

unspecified use of nanotechnology and colloidal chemistry

"To create its Sheetrock UltraLight Panels, USG Corporation used nanotech processes to change the way gypsum crystals bond to one another, creating stronger bonds that made it possible to reduce the amount of gypsum in each board without compromising strength." - Green Builder Media

"SHEETROCK UltraLight Panels combine USG’s proprietary formulations and processes with new patented technologies. They utilize nanotechnology and colloidal chemistry to feature a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio and improved sag resistance." - AWCI's Construction Dimensions

"The manufacturer’s Sheetrock UltraLight panels are up to 30 percent lighter than the competition, allowing builders to install the sheets easier and faster. It’s produced from what the company calls 'proprietary formulations and processes' and features nanotechnology that results in a product with a higher strength-to-weight ratio and improved sag resistance." - Builder Online

USG Corporation
USG Corporation Headquarters, 550 West Adams Street, Chicago, IL 60661, USA

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