NanoBionics PG-S4 (highest grade)
Coatings - mineral surfaces
Nanobionic protective treatment for concrete and natural stones

sandstone, concrete, natural stone etc

unpecified engineered nanoparticles in a sol-gel solution that self-assemble to form nanostructures (5nm-25nm) on the surface of the substrate

"Quantity of nano particles is higher in this product."

"Nanotec-USA's NanoBionics treatments work by way of smart self-assembling Bionic nano-particles specially engineered to dock within the pores of the base substrate and anchoring directly with the molecules of the base substrate. Upon completion of the self-assembly process, the base substrate will have a permanent protective nano-scopic mesh which are similar to the dermal of a shark. These tiny (5nm-25nm) newly formed structures provide Bionic water and dirt repellent (hydrophobic and easy to clean) functions as is seen in nature, in the plant world and some reptiles."

"Nanotec-USA's products are colloidal sol-gel solutions."

"The use of engineered Nanoparticles to create smart surface technology at the Nanoscale is definitely what Nanotec-USA understands under functional Nanotechnology."


The company headquarters is located in the Washington D.C. Metro area, USA.

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