Nansulate® Diamond™

Fast cure thermal insulation, corrosion prevention and moisture resistant coating. Sustainable coating which reduces energy costs and carbon emissions. Indoor and outdoor use. Direct-to-Metal coating for surfaces up to 300F (149C).

Steam Pipes
Heat Exchangers
Industrial Ovens
Cold Rooms/Freezers
Chilled Water Tanks/Lines
Safe Touch Application on Hot Surfaces
Valves, Joints and Other Formerly Difficult To Insulate Areas
Can also be used for building applications, such as beneath floor tiles or other building materials.

prorprietary Hydro-NM - Oxide 1-10% by weight

"Nansulate® coatings are a patented technology by Industrial Nanotech, Inc. that utilize a nanomaterial with an extremely low thermal conductivity."

Safety Data Sheet lists prorprietary Hydro-NM - Oxide 1-10% by weight

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