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The shielding paint armor is an electrically conductive paint, composed of carbon particles, contained in a pure acrylic emulsion of a high quality; i.e. contains no metal component.

For protection against high and low frequency radiation from cell phone towers, television signal repeaters (DTV), radio antennas, WIFI, WLAN, airport and port radars, cordless phones (DECT) and wireless networks. It is recommended to prevent interception of data from wireless networks and phone tapping. In homes it protects against high and low radiation frequencies which largely affect the quality of human life, from sleep disturbances to immune system disorders and other diseases and illnesses arising from continuous exposure to micro radiation waves.

It is waterproof and high adhesive to surfaces, such as plastic paint, building boards, cement, plaster, polystyrene, masonry surfaces, etc.

super conductor nanomaterials such as graphene fibers

"This composition, coupled with the addition of super conductor nanomaterials such as graphene, improves shielding properties compared to any other product designed for this purpose."

"Contains graphene fibers, a cutting edge nanomaterial."

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