Coatings - mineral surfaces

The Graphenstone water-repellent sealer is a colorless waterproofing finishing base of siloxanes.

Provides water repellent properties to plaster and mineral paints, concrete, precast and washed concrete, calcareous sandstone and fiber cement sheets. It protects against acid rain and atmospheric dirt. It is basically a colorless non-film treatment and prevents wicking of water and its contaminants without plugging the pores, so therefore, does not significantly alter substrate’s permeability to gas and water vapor.
It is ideal for application in bathrooms, outdoors, or where there is a continuous contact with water.
graphene fibers

"This sealant contains graphene, which gives hydrophobicity, strength and flexibility, while retaining the key properties of lime: breathable, antibacterial and antifungal."

"Contains graphene fibers, a cutting edge nanomaterial."

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