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The photocatalytic properties of this Graphenstone product absorbs NOx primary pollutants generated by vehicles and industries.

It is specially developed to protect our health and the environment, reducing bacteria, fungi, eliminating odors and pollution. It is ideal for decorating ceilings and walls, providing protection to the surfaces to be treated and the surrounding environment, thus improving the quality of life.

Ideal for garages, tunnels, parkings or highly contaminated sites. A step forward in health and environmental technologies. Used for natural, mineral and ecological photo catalytic coatings. Product application suitable for both outdoors and indoors. High cover rate and whiteness, and high mechanical and chemical strength.

low density graphene fibers, titanium dioxide nanoparticles

"It is composed of low density graphene nano material, which provides toughness and robustness unlike the natural products from which it comes, as well as natural materials that control chemical pollutants."

"Contains graphene fibers, a cutting edge nanomaterial."

"Its photocatalytic properties are provided by a nanoparticle specific pigment of titanium dioxide (TiO2). This pigment decomposes organic and inorganic gases through oxidation processes, obtaining smaller and harmless components."

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