Airlite Purelight Interior
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Airlite Purelight Interior is a completely inorganic powder paint, for interiors, to be diluted with water for a very efficient and highly durable finish.

- Painting the internal substrates of buildings, such as masonry, plaster, lime or gypsum. Plasterboard either new or old but in sound condition
- Repainting of old paint so long as well bonded to the substrate.
- Internal environments particularly those requiring the elimination of bacteria present such as hospitals, clinics, schools, public offices.

Photocatalytic titanium dioxide (TiO2)

Airlite contains photocatalytic titanium dioxide, according to the FAQ.  Efficient photocatalysis using titanium dioxide is more likely to  employ nano-sized titanium dioxide.  Use of nano-size titanium dioxide is not explicitly reported by the company.

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