Coatings - metal

ClearCorr SDN nanocomposite coating has been developed to provide direct to metal barrier coating for stainless steel and aluminum anticorrosion applications. It is also applicable as a anti-scratch/hardcoating for metals and plastics.

Served Industries include:
Coil - aluminum, EGS, HDG pre-painted metal for construction, roofing;
Consumer Goods - tub and pool piping, bathroom appliances, decorations;
Oil and Gas - pipes, tubular and pipeline connectors, valves, actuators and other equipment subject to galling, erosion, corrosion or fouling

nanocomposite material

The product is described as a "solution derived nanocomposite."  
"To address industrial trends and environmental needs, Advenira has developed a range of unique liquid-based nanoengineered SDN coating materials: AdvenGuard, ClearCorrUV and ClearCorr." - Retrieved on 3/6/18 from
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