BoralPure™ Smog-Eating Tile


photocatalytic concrete roofing tile

can be installed on both new residential and commercial buildings, as well as re-roofing projects

Photocatalytic titanium dioxide (TiO2)

de-pollutant and self-cleaning properties based on photocatalytic titanium dioxide.

"The roof tile coating contains a photocatalyst, activated by daylight, which helps convert harmful Nitrogen Oxides into Calcium Nitrates." 
"Over one year, a 2,000 square foot BoralPure Smog Eating Tile roof can oxidize the same amount of Nitrogen Oxide as a car produces from being driven up to 10,800 miles."
"In addition to its de-polluting capabilities, BoralPure helps keep your roof clean. The tile coating may help hinder the formation of organic substances such as mold and algae."
Boral Roofing operates 14 clay and concrete tile manufacturing plants throughout the U.S. and Canada. Headquartered in Roswell, Georgia, Boral USA through its subsidiaries employs approximately 1,500 individuals at more than 140 operating and distribution sites across the United States. The U.S. operations include the country's largest clay roof tile, concrete roof tile and brick manufacturer.

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