Pro-Seal PC-V Top Kote™
Coatings - metal

single component high sheen top coating that is stabilized for excellent actinic and U.V. resistance

Fusing top coat for longer surface life
Water containment structures
Exposed structural steel beams, joints, roofs, columns, etc
Curtain wall panels such as transite, insulating steel, etc
Exposed steel in sewage areas
Metal fascia and other exposed architectural metal surfaces

polycarbon/polycarbonate integrated nano-technologies

"Pro-Seal has developed over 180 exotic products to deal with water and fluid contaminant problems. Pro-Seal® products and systems are considered to be the leading-edge technology in the industry via the innovative and unique characteristics of our polycarbon/polycarbonate integrated nano-technologies used to formulate the base of all our products." (see company home page)

Pro-Seal Products is a manufacturer of concrete repair and waterproofing materials based out of Washington State.

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