Bioni Roof

"Pure acrylic multi-functional roof coating based on green nano-technology that provides maximum protection against UV light, weathering and makes old roofs look new and beautiful." -Retrieved 9/15/14 (no longer available on website)

For use on numerous roofing materials such as clay tiles, concrete roofing tiles, artificial slate tiles, corrugated iron and wood.

silver nanoparticles

"In order to permanently prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and moss on the paint surface, Bioni Roof features a green nano-technology formula combined with optimum moisture-regulating properties. This ensures that the microbial prevention lasts the life of the paint." 

Product website lists Patent # US 7736423 describing the use of silver nanoparticles

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D-46149 Oberhausen 

available online (see 'Download PDF' in Product Link)