Mowilith® Nano 9420
Additives for coatings

Mowilith Nano 9420 is an emulsion built from an organic, pure acrylic polymer and an inorganic SiO2-phase. The two phases are chemically linked to ensure a homogeneous nano-scaled distribution of both phases throughout the entire film. Using this nano hybrid emulsion, it is possible to create a unique nano structure on the paint surface, which can be seen clearly in SEM pictures.

specifically designed for high performance exterior paints

creation of a distinct nano structure on the surface of the paint

"As can be seen on the pictures on the right side, Mowilith Nano 9420 creates a distinct nano structure on the surface of the paint." (see product link)

Celanese Corporation is based in Dallas, Texas, USA. Celanese Emulsions GmbH is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

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News Release: Celanese Introduces Mowilith® Nano Technology Platform for the Next Generation of Exterior Coatings