Surfapore M
Coatings - mineral surfaces

Stains can destroy your valuable stone, marble and granite surfaces. SurfaPore M not only protects these surfaces from stains, but also makes them oil and water repellent as it coats the pores, without changing their appearance and enables them to actively repel oil based stains.

Absorptive marbles and granites, cement, natural stone

unspecified nanoparticles

"SurfaPore M is a water based formulation, specifically designed to harness the power of nanotechnology, in order to achieve both oil and water repellency on the surfaces applied. The core nano-sized particles, suitably engineered to fit the pores of the applied surface, penetrate and "flood" pores. After coating, water, oil or dirt fails to penetrate into the porosity of the substrate and permanent pore protection provides stain proofing and easy cleaning properties."


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