Surfapore W
Coatings - wood

SurfaPore W is a combination of active ingredients that repel water and oil stains providing excellent dimensional stability even in the most humid environment.

Absorptive wooden surfaces: Fences/posts, roof shingles, garden furniture/sheds, decking & docks,fences/posts, facades

unspecified nanoparticles of three different sizes, nanoemulsion of paraffin

"The formulation consists of three different nanoparticles sizes, specially designed to deeply penetrate into the mass of the wood. The finest nanoparticles penetrate through the capillaries and bond with the hydroxyl groups of the cellulose content providing long term protection against water ingression. The larger nanoparticles penetrate at the appropriate depth and react with organic wooden resins. Finally, the formulation is completed by a nanoemulsion of paraffin that ensures enduring surface protection." (see Product Data Sheet)


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