NXT Cool Zone® (sold and marketed as NXT Cool Coat in the USA)

Heat Reflective Roof Coating:

NXT Cool Zone® is a remarkable new roof coating utilising revolutionary thermal protection technology developed by Nutech Paint to reduce the temperature inside your home during hot weather.

roof restoration

unspecified use of nanotechnology
NXT Cool Zone® is enhanced with nano technolgy and contains pioneering technolgy for improved water beading and self cleaning properties. Independent tests have shown that this same technology that has been incorporated within TileFlex2000®, and is now utilised within NXT Cool Zone® will also:
Repel dirt and contamination
Prevent discolouration and growth of moss and lichen
Prevent fading of colour or loss of surface gloss due to moisture, temperature and UV light
Provide total waterproof protection and to stop peeling and cracking.
Nutech Paint
Australian Company with international distribution, including the USA
USA Location:
Nutech Paint LLC
19744 Beach Blvd # 369
Huntington Beach CA, 92648

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