PComP™-T 48
Thermal spray coating materials

PComP™ stands for Particulate Composite Powders. These powders are nano-structured ceramic-metal composites formed with a nanocomposite core and binder coating, utilizing a combination of high hardness, high wear resistance and excellent corrosion resistant materials.

PComP™-T 48 HVOF coatings replace electroplate hard chrome(EHC) and a less expensive alternative to conventional WC coatings such as Sulzer-Metco Diamalloy®/Woka®, Praxair LW/SDG 2000 series coatings and Diamond-Like-Coatings (DLC) in many industries including Automotive, industrial equipment, Oil & Gas down-hole and pump components. Anywhere EHC platings are being used where additional wear resistance is required or DLC where higher ductility is required.

Titanium Nitride (TiN) nanoparticles

"The nanocomposite core contains nano and near-nano size TiN (Titanium Nidride) particles in a hard, corrosion resistant binder." (see product link)

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Thermal spray coating applications according to industry served