DAYLube NanoCeramic Lubricating Grease

Dayton's DAYLube™ NanoCeramic Lubricating Grease is a leading edge, extremely high-performance lubricant that has a wide range of industrial applications… DAYLube™ gives you ten times the normal life, a much lower coefficient of friction at all temperatures, extraordinary adhesion, and higher load-bearing properties than traditional high-performance greases.

DAYLube™ can be used in all types of applications from general purpose to extreme pressure and temperature environments. Applications include (but are not limited to) the following: Bearings, Bushings, Cables, Cams, Chains, Conveyors, Gears, Lifters, Machine Parts, Robotics, Rods, Slides, Wear Plates.

nano ceramic particles

"DAYLube™ utilizes nano ceramic particles that act as sub-microscopic 'bearings,' providing continuous lubrication to steel surfaces." -Retrieved 10/15/2020 from

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