Coatings - mineral surfaces

Lythic Densifier with reactive colloidal silica is 99.5% pure silica, suspended through a proprietary "green" manufacturing process in an ultra-low surface tension liquid. It reacts with concrete to increase surface density, making it less permeable to liquids and improving impact and abrasion resistance.

Lythic Densifier can be applied to any new or cured concrete surfaces to increase hardness and abrasion resistance, and prevent dusting.

colloidal silica particles (3-5 namometers)

"Lythic's nano-sized silica particles (3-5 nano-meters) not only react with lime, but also bond directly to silica already in the concrete. Reactive colloidal silica bonds and hardens decorative cementitious overlays that are low-lime and do not react well with sodium, lithium or potassium silicates." (see product link)

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