Nanonext Nano Concrete & Flooring Sealant
Coatings - mineral surfaces

Nanonext Nano Concrete & Flooring Sealant' is a dirt and scuff resistant coating material based on nanotechnology. Nano particles result in a longer life for the treated surfaces. Our 'Concrete & Flooring Sealant' provides protection against loam and soil, as well as contaminants due to, for example, wet leaves, oil and food.

Use Nanonext Nano Concrete & Flooring Sealant' as an invisible and multi functional impregnator for all porous surfaces, such as cement, concrete or house façades. After one treatment, an invisible, dirt-resistant and UV stable coating develops. All porous surfaces can be protected with nanotechnology.

nano ceramic particles

"Our 'Nano Concrete & Flooring Sealant' contains little nano ceramic particles. These surround all open pores and prevent dirt from getting in. The lotus effect stops after a short time, but the sealing stays for up to 10 years and more (see advantages). There is no mechanical abrasion/wear."

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