Stone conservation CaLoSiLĀ® -E
Coatings - mineral surfaces

Stone, mortar and plaster consolidation with nano-particles

Colloidal Ca(OH)2 stable dispersed in ethanol

The company offers three variants of this product: E5, E25, and E50.

E5 -  Low concentrated product, recommended for the strengthening of fresco, powdering surfaces and pre-treatment of dense stones

E25 - Strengthening of porous stones, mortars and plaster 

E50 - Strengthening of highly porous materials, filling of micro cracks and small voids

calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)nanoparticles (50-250 nm) dispersed in ethanol, concentrations range from 5-50 g/L

E5 - Contains 5 g/L Ca(OH)2, Particle size: 50-250 nm

E25 - Contains 25 g/L Ca(OH)2, Particle size: 50-250 nm

E50 - Contains 50 g/L Ca(OH)2, Particle size: 50-250 nm

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