Kevothermalâ„¢ Vacuum Insulation Panels
Insulation - Heat/Frost

Kevothermal vacuum insulation panels offer a step change improvement in thermal performance leading to lower energy costs, reduction in product cube, higher quality and entirely new product forms.

Any insulation application for which high performance and light weight are of value, including construction.

aggregates of amorphous silica and carbon primary particles (20-30 nm), nanoporous structure

"Our ultra thermal insulation is a nanoporous solid with both low density and small pores. Composition is amorphous silica and carbon in a three dimensional, highly branched network of primary particles (20-30 nanometers) which aggregate into larger particles. It has 30 to 70 nm pore sizes which are >100 times smaller than conventional insulation. It is this nano-scale porosity that gives our insulation its‘ excellent thermal performance." - Retrieved 12/7/2020 from

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