NanoTech Wood and Concrete Sealer
Coatings - multi-surface
NanoTech is a high performance Water-Based Nano-Polymer Acrylic Sealer which leaves a protective membrane on the wood and concrete surface that both waterproofs and seals. It contains no silicones, waxes, or oils and does not fade, yellow, chip, or peel when applied properly. 
Application Wood Floors: Mop onto floor with a lint free wood floor mop. Cut in corners with a brush as needed and then mop into the cut in, working your way out of the room. Mop with the grain of the wood. Recoat every 30-90 minutes. Apply 2-4 coats.
Application Concrete Floors: Roll or spray onto dry floor. Product is highly blush resistant and bonds extremely well, however, insure that proper preparation procedures are followed before coating.
nano sized liquid acrylic resin

"This is a true nano polymer technology. It is Not made from nano dust particles, but actual nano sized liquid acrylic resin." (see product link)

"This coating is created with a new generation of NanoPolymer resin technology that creates a waterbased product that will outperform comparable solvent-based products. This acrylic sealer will have much higher resistance to most chemicals including solvents, gasoline, and brake fluid which would not normally be withstood by conventional acrylics." (see Technical Data Sheet via product link)

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