NANOPROTECH Home and Garden Electric
Coatings - multi-surface

Purpose: the product is unique in complete displacement of moisture. It restores moisture damaged electrical equipment to working condition. The product prevents current leakage and insulation breakdown. An invisible nanocoating protects home and garden electrical equipment and devices even when they are exposed to water. The product provides a powerful protection for at least 1 year and significantly prolongs the life of home and garden electrical devices and equipment. 

Applied to lawn mowers, trimmers, drills, grinders, planers, saws, diesel generators, electrical wiring, battery terminals, outdoor and indoor lighting: extenders, ceiling lamps, lights, mini-fountains, pumps, pumping stations, and the like

unspecified nanoparticles

"Nanoparticles penetrate into a structure of the applied surface, displace moisture, and remove oxides. It instantly restores insulation resistance and significantly improves current conductivity."

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