All-purpose, multi-surface cleaner
Broad spectrum disinfectant and biocide
Superior odor eliminator

Drywall remediation:

SNiPER® is a powerful new tool in the fight to eliminate product off-gassing of volatile organic compounds which, unaddressed, can cause a number of health and safety problems. SNiPER® is the certified green solution to VOC and toxic drywall remediation. SNiPER® is next generation chemistry, a new era of remediation quality. With SNiPER® we can eliminate hydrogen sulfide, sulfur compounds and more odors without the use of harsh chemicals that create additional health risks.

unspecified use of nanotechnology
"Thanks to a breakthrough in environmental science technology, we are able to offer a solution to the challenging problem of toxic drywall off gassing. SNiPER® is a revolutionary environmental restoration product, that consists of a unique application of nano-technology designed to address the most challenging indoor environmental issues."
Global Environmental Restoration, Inc.
PO Box 667
Carencro, LA 70520 USA

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