Coatings - mineral surfaces

NANO1000 is an invisible, environmentally green nanotechnology treatment for porous materials that resists stains and water damage. It is a surface treatment stabilizer, a liquid, water-based, organic treatment that is applied to porous surfaces. NANO1000 is unlike any other product on the market because it does not peel, and has 100% UV protection.

stone, concrete, tile, brick, pavers and grout - to repel water, oils, and other stains, indoors and outdoors

unspecified fluorochemical nanoparticles

"NANO1000 uses nanotechnology which uses tiny molecules to bond to the surface to which it is applied. After curing, the surface is sealed and protected for up to a decade from various stains, gum, and graffiti as well as weathering and wear. The size of the nanometer, one billionth of a meter, allows it to penetrate into the larger web of porous surfaces."

Safety Data Sheet indicates it is a one component solution with water and 9-12% Fluorochemical (CAS # Trade Secret)

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