Proshield Premium
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Proshield Premium is a conductive paint with graphene technology. These are carbon particles contained in a high quality acrylic aqueous emulsion. Designed for protection against high and low frequency electromagnetic radiation.

It is ideal for protection against electromagnetic radiation of telephone towers, radio antennas, television repeaters and / or for the protection of data interception of wireless networks. Also, to amplify indoor signals that improve the productivity of RFID, WiFi, etc. systems. Recommended in hospitals, homes, offices, shops, laboratories, recording studios, etc. Can be used on plaster, gypsum, old paints, prefabricated plates and unpainted wallpaper, brick, etc
graphene fibers
"Improved formula thanks to the innovation with graphene fibres." -Retrieved 5/15/2020 from
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Being a conductive paint, it is recommended that the surface is electrically grounded by a qualified professional.