Coatings - mineral surfaces

Hydroxeal Premium is a hydrophobic treatment for humid areas or atmospheric dirt. It prevents the capillary absorption of water and its contaminants without significantly altering the permeability of the substrate to gases and water vapour.

For vertical or steeply sloping mineral surfaces such as plasters, mineral paints, exposed concrete, calcareous sandstone, etc. Recommended for all types of exteriors and interiors for areas in contact with water vapour such as: bathrooms, kitchens, indoor pools, etc.
graphene fibers

"The graphene fibres provide the coatings and paints of Graphenstone with innovative qualities: thermal conductivity, greater toughness, flexibility, strength and uniformity." -Retrieved 5/8/2020 from https://www.graphenstone.com/graphenstone-global-graphene-technology.html

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