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A result of extensive research and development, CleanCrete is a verifiably green concrete that is made with recycled and by-product materials without sacrificing strength or durability. Clean Concrete Technologies uses environmentally focused engineering to provide concrete with superior durability while achieving strengths equal to or greater than conventional concrete. What’s more, preliminary calculations show that CleanCrete takes 50% less energy to produce.

CleanCrete installs just like regular concrete. Normal concrete mixing equipment and processes for mixing, handling, placement and finishing. 

unspecified nanofibers, silica fume (amorphous)

Richard McCabe, the head of CCT’s [Clean Concrete Technologies] R&D department states "This product can exceed the performance of traditional concrete in compressive, tensile and flexural strength. Its longevity is expected to be many times greater than traditional concrete due to its use of nanofibers, pozzolans and small particles that provide high surface density." - News and announcements from Clean Concrete: CleanCrete High Stregth Low Energy Concrete Now Shipping

Silica Fume (amorphous) CAS # 69012-64-2 listed on SDS

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