ceEntek Pte Ltd developed ce200™, a nano engineered ultrahigh performance concrete (UHPC) which is the basis for a range of high performance cement based products for a wide range of applications. The development of ce200™ represents a revolution to the worldwide concrete industry realizing the vision for a nano-fibers enhanced concrete established 25 years ago.

Coatings for marine and offshore; rooftops; retainer walls; moisture barrier for roadways and bridges; tunnel linings.

carbon nanofibers (CNFs)

"ce200™ is a carbon nano-fibers enhanced ultrahigh performance concrete (ceUHPC™).with unique physical and chemical features and benefits meeting the requirements of the most demanding applications. Due to its low porosity and dense structure ce200™ is impermeable, has negligible chloride penetration and is resistant to most chemicals. Its low carbonation rate, about 10 times less than normal concrete, extends its useful life to 100+ years."

SEM and TEM images of ceEntek carbon nanofibers are provided.


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