Airlite Sunlight Exterior
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Airlite Sunlight Exterior is a completely inorganic powder paint for exteriors. Diluted with water for a really efficient and highly durable surface coating.

- Exterior plaster
- Concrete and masonry surfaces
- Infrastructure of road, rail and airports
- Galleries with suitable lighting
- Safety barriers
- Airport runways, roads and building structures
- Surfaces of street furniture
- Exterior surfaces exposed to solar radiation
- Car parks
- Sensitive buildings such as schools, hospitals and Government property
- Private housing and commercial buildings
Photocatalytic titanium dioxide (TiO2) (Retrieved 2/21/17)

Airlite contains photocatalytics titanium dioxide (according to FAQ retrieved 2/21/17).  Efficient photocatalysis using titanium dioxide is more likely to employ nano-sized titanium dioxide.  Use of nano-size titanium dioxide is not explicitly reported by the company.

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