GORI 2937 Professionel Transparent
Coatings - wood

wood treatment for weather resistance and mold inhibition

Used for outdoor treatment of new and previously treated wood, including pressure and vacuum impregnated wood

unspecified nanoparticles

"GORI Professional Transparent has a creamy consistency and contains GORI Nano Force™, where the small nano-particles penetrate deep into the woodwork while with the product has a water repellent effect that causes water to bead off surface." (translated from Danish, see Product Description download via product link)

Dyrup Denmark

Dyrup A/S, Gladsaxevej 300, DK-2860, Søborg, Denmark

available online (see product link)

Broekhuizen. F, Broekhuizen. P (November 2009), Nano-products in the European Construction Industry, European Federation of Building and Woodworkers