Moldex Deck Protector
Coatings - multi-surface

Moldex offers professional-grade solutions for effective mold removal. One is to clean and disinfect mold growth. Two is removing stain and cosmetic damage caused by mold. Three: protecting surfaces with an antimicrobial mold-proof coating. Moldex Deck! Protector is a 100% acrylic coating that restores natural color while providingl water repellency and U.V. and stain resistance, as well as protection against mold and mildew growth.

Use on wood decking, railings, spa surrounds, fences, siding, trim, painted and unpainted surfaces, wood, concrete, brick, stone, pavers, and more.

unspecified nanoparticles

"The chemistry is formulated using nano-particles to penetrate composite decks while coating the exposed wood fibers on the surface."

EnviroCare Corporation
260 Fordham Road
Wilmington, MA 01887, USA

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