AtomOil™ product line

The AtomOil™ line of products are extreme performance lubricating oils. AtomOil products are powered by patented and patent-pending nGlide® breakthrough macromolecular technology, to deliver leading, critical performance functions such as extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-friction, corrosion protection, extreme temperature stability and others at nano- and micron- scale asperities of mating surfaces for critical mechanical components including gears, bearings, valves, chassis points and others.

The AtomOil™ line of products are specifically designed for various application sectors including construction and earthmovers.  

unspecified use of nanotechnology

"All of these application-critical functional problems are at nanoscale, so the solutions must also be at nano-scale to improve performance, efficiency, reliability, safety and sustainability. This renders traditional micron-scale technologies obsolete. The breakthrough AtomOil technology enables major extension of service life, tremendously reduces maintenance cost, and provides unequaled and guaranteed performance enhancements."

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