Cool Slurry Seal
Coatings - mineral surfaces
Emerald Cities Cool Slurry is a state-of-the-art nano-engineered asphalt sealer which is water soluble, tough, durable, and 50% rubberized materials by volume.
Emerald Cities Solar Reflective "Cool Pavement Coatings" and "Cool Slurry Seal"  reduce surface heat of asphalt 20-40˚(F) and reduce CO2 during peak heat. These energy efficient nano-coatings can protect and reclaim deteriorating asphalt from the effects of thermal heat, UV radiation degradation and water penetration, which are the major reasons of asphalt delamination leading to breakdown.

designed for cooling, repair and maintenance of parking lots, cross walks, school yards and public surfaces

Nano Silica, Hydrophilic Amorphous

Safety Data Sheet lists Nano Silica, Hydrophilic Amorphous (CAS# 7631-86-9) 0.25% to 1% by weight

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