Airlite Hystoriqa Stone
Coatings - mineral surfaces

Airlite Hystorica Stone is an invisible, water-repellent coating specially formulated to protect natural building materials like stone, marble and various limestones such as travertine.

Apply Airlite Hystoriqa Stone only on inorganic absorbing materials such as:
- burnt clay bricks and products
- mineral plasters
- terracotta
- absorbent natural stone
- tuff, cement or concrete
Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles

"Its formulation is the result of the aqueous dispersion of the water repellent photocatalytic nanoparticles of titanium dioxide. Its innovative formula gives the self-cleaning characteristic against the organic substances with which it comes into contact. The photocatalytic reaction occurs in the presence of sun-light and permits the reduction of air pollution decreasing both the concentration of NOx and Sox." - Hystoriqa Stone Technical Sheet accessed 5/16/17 (click 'Documentation' on product page for access)

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