Additives for concrete/cement

TYTRO® RC 430 is a rheology-controlling admixture specifically formulated to improve sprayability and pumpability characteristics of shotcrete by increasing cohesion, provide superior bond to rock substrate, faster strength development, and minimum rebound and dust to tunnels and underground mining shotcrete applications.

TYTRO® RC 430 is used as a replacement for silica fume and other pozzolanic additives, and is suitable for all shotcrete applications where the highest technical and safety standards are required, especially in the following applications:
- Temporary and permanent rock support in tunnels
- Underground rock support in mining
- Slope stabilization
engineered amorphous silica nanoparticles

"Featuring the latest in nanotechnology, TYTRO® RC 430 contains a liquid dispersion of discrete, spherical, uniformly distributed nanometric particles of amorphous silica for use in shotcrete." - Retrieved on 10/19/17 from https://gcpat.com/en/solutions/products/tytro-shotcrete-system/tytro-rc-430

An electron micrograph is provided showing discrete spherical particles approximately 10 nm in diameter, according to the scale bar shown. TYTRO® RC, in comparison to traditional pozzolanic materials, is described as an "engineered nanomaterial."

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