Water Based Graphene Dispersion for Ultra-Strong Cement and Concrete
Additives for concrete/cement

NanoGraphene has developed unique formula-based graphene dispersion for cement/concrete composite in order to develop sustainable, ultra-strong and flexible buildings, housing and infrastructure. This unique formula-based graphene dispersion is added during cement/concrete mortar formation and increases performance to a significant extent. The product properties can be tailored depending upon the customer’s requirements and applications.

cement and concrete additive for sustainable, ultra-strong and flexible buildings, housing and infrastructure

graphene flakes

"NanoGraphene Inc. (NGI) has developed a production facility in New York and is now producing high quality un-oxidized ordered pristine graphene flakes with different sizes (depending upon customers requirement), having a number of layers up to five." - retrieved from https://nanographene.net/ on 6/8/18

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