CRMX™ Densifier
Coatings - mineral surfaces
CRMX™ Densifier is a concrete densifier and chemical hardener in a ready to use colorless liquid formula which hardens and dustproofs concrete, providing substantial improvement in abrasion resistance and surface durability when compared to untreated concrete.
CRMX™ Densifier is recommended for use wherever chemically treated, densified, hardened, dustproofed, and improved abrasion resistant surfaces are required in wet environments.  Ideal applications include floors in industrial plants and warehouses. 
unspecified nanoparticles
"It is a colorless liquid which hardens and dust proofs concrete with nano-sized particles. The reacted surface creates an environment that does not welcome moisture or topical water spills. Once properly applied, the finished surface provides a substantial improvement in abrasion resistance and will significantly improve the durability of the surface, when compared to untreated concrete." - Retrieved 12/10/19 from
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