PolyTop 5050
Coatings - mineral surfaces

PolyTop 5050 Clear Polyurea Concrete Counter Sealer is a proprietary clear polyurea formula that is designed for speed and heat resistance.


  • Residential concrete countertops
  • Kitchen concrete countertops
  • Outdoor barbecue concrete countertops
  • Commercial concrete countertops
  • Retail concrete countertops
  • Anywhere else concrete counter sealer can be used
unspecified use of nanotechnology

"New developments in nanotechnology have allowed us to increase the heat resistance of this already heat resistant concrete counter sealer." -Retrieved 7/10/2020 from https://www.garagecoatings.com/product/polytop-5050-Clear-Polyurea-Concrete-Countertop-Coating-Sealer.asp

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