MasterEmaco S 5300CI
MasterEmaco S 5300CI is a single component, lightweight, polymer modified, high build structural repair mortar. MasterEmaco S 5300CI is a ready-to-use material that contains portland cement, well graded sands, specially selected polymer fibres and additives. Formerly known as EMACO® Nanocrete R3.
structural repair of lower strength concrete elements such as: 
  • balcony edges, soffits and decks
  • multi-storey car parks
  • window ledges
  • lintels and beams commercial or domestic buildings
  • building facades
  • precast panels
  • cantilevers or anywhere where concrete structures need to be repaired or reprofiled by hand
Silica Fume

1. "Nanoparticle use in cementageous and concrete materials does concentrate on TiO2 and silica fume. Both additives though, are used in small quantities or in a two-layer system and only when specifically required for performance reasons because of the costs involved. Examples of products on a basis of silica fume that are currently at the market are i.e. Chronolia™, Agilia™ and Ductal™ by Lafarge and EMACO® Nanocrete by BASF."


BASF has subsidiaries in more than eighty countries and supplies products to a large number of business partners in nearly every part of the world.

available online (see product link)

1. Broekhuizen. F, Broekhuizen. P (November 2009), Nano-products in the European Construction Industry, European Federation of Building and Woodworkers