MasterFlow 4316
MasterFlow 4316 is a unique grout that provides high early and ultimate compressive strengths over
a wide variety of application and service temperatures.
  • Grouting of equipment, such as compressors and generators, pump bases and drive motors, tank bases, conveyors, foundations, etc.
  • Where high early and ultimate compressive strengths are required
  • Where high service temperatures are present
  • Where a non-shrink grout is required for optimum load transfer
  • Applications requiring a pumpable grout
  • Grouting anchor bolts, rebar and dowel rods
unspecified nanotechnology

"The superior performance of MasterFlow 4316 lies in its novel hydraulic binder with applied nanotechnology and premium material aggregates." -Retrieved 11/13/2020 from

130 production sites more than 60 countries worldwide (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific)

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