Nano-Stone ST-1/ST-2
Coatings - mineral surfaces

Nano-Stone coating is a natural, water-based, eco-friendly, invisible,and ultra-thin (nano sized) water and oil repellent (hydrophobic & oleophobic), optimally developed for absorbent and porous surfaces.   

For all types of concrete-blocks / regular / smoothed / surface, sewage pipes, ceilings, exterior, interior uses, buildings, bridges, tunnels, terrazzo floors, decorated floors both new and those intended for preservation, textured and smooth walls, whitewashed blocks, sandstone, roof tiles, granolith, lime stone, pavers, marble, granite, cement board, terra cotta and any porous mineral surface.
unspecified use of nanotechnology

"This breakthrough bestows new capabilities to the nano technology based product" -Retrieved 1/8/2021 from

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