Line of Adhesion Promotion Coatings
Coatings - multi-surface

Our patented adhesion promotion nano-coatings & treatments improve performance of virtually any product requiring robust bonding which is resistant to delamination in the most extreme of conditions. 

For use on metals, polymers, ceramics, and glass.

nanoscale phosphonate monolayer

"Aculon’s® core coating technology on which our adhesion promotion technologies are based around is the SAMP or "Self Assembled Monolayer of Phosphonates" -Retrieved 7/9/2021 from 

"Aculon’s proprietary “Self-Assembled Monolayer of Phosphonates” (SAMP) methodology can coat surfaces to impart hydrophobicity, adhesion or corrosion inhibition. A monolayer is a nanoscale coating that is one molecule, or 1-4 nanometers, thick (1nm = 1×10-9 meters). A phosphonate is a phosphorous acid that combines a reactive phosphonic acid or “reactive head group” and a carbon-based tail group connected through a stable phosphorous carbon bond (P-C)." -Retrieved 7/9/2021 from

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